About Ayelix

Over ten thousand engineers use Ayelix to excel at their work worldwide. We’re working to improve the lives of the people in the engineering industry and those it serves.

As engineers ourselves we understand the challenges of your everyday work. That’s why in 2012 in Capnor, we started our work on Ayelix to find out how we can solve our problems. We’re uniquely positioned to work on a tool that helps our colleagues and improve ourselves.

We are for our clients

We believe in working in one team. We, as Ayelix, always try to evolve and find technological solutions for ourselves and our clients, so we are open to your ideas and ready to work towards a common goal.

We are ready to be flexible

Although our Portal was originally created for big companies, refineries, industrial ships, and drilling rigs, Ayelix can also be scaled and matched to various demands. We can also prepare it for housing estates and more. If you have an idea and need this kind of solution – let us know!

We stand for prompt and honest communication

We strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, authenticity, and transparency.

We believe in openness

We don’t want to lock you to our scanning services technologically. You get access to an app that lets you publish scans from other companies. They just need to be based on the same object’s coordinates.

Trusted by leading innovators around the globe