Work on your facility’s spatial data in your browser

Get access to 360° photos and point cloud data, so you can measure, document
and collaborate with your team from anywhere you want.

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Access your sites, from anywhere you want

Work on scanned data, create measurements, plan and view sites that you are working on from anywhere you want based on the high resolution spherical panoramas. Accessibility is a priority so Ayelix will provide you access to your digital data just with internet connection.


Create your workspace on Ayelix

Quickly annotate, document and imprint 3D models into your site to gather all knowledge in one place. By creating groups you can also share all the important data collected and based on objects “digital twin” with your team members to let everyone stay on track.


Innovative and easy solutions in one place

Learning new tool is not always easy but on Ayelix we try to merge simplicity and innovative solutions by providing clear and intuitive to use website. We focus on clients’ needs and apart from the basic functions, we also offer additional solutions like Navisworks Plugin or ImageOnMap application.

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